TeaPresso was founded in Taipei, Taiwan. After number of years of research, dedication and passion for BubbleTea culture, the founder created TeaPresso. His dedication and passion took him all around Taiwan (the birth place of BubbleTea) to search the best and freshest ingredients and learn their unique way of preparing. Every cup of TeaPresso is no different than the other. We stand behind each cup, for constant quality at no matter what cost.

Unlike other BubbleTea chains our teas are brewed fresh. For instance, TeaPresso believes that brewing fresh tea is a century old tradition. Therefore we brew our own tea in the most conventional ways, eliminating fancy electronic machines that destroy the tea natural aroma, body and colour. TeaPresso does not own a factory to precook tea. Every ingredient is cooked fresh in store right in front of your eyes. We truly believe that Fresh is Better and that's our commitment.

We are committed to bring you the freshest and healthiest ingredients. Our menu consists of over 50 products to satisfy a range of taste pallets across all ages. We are constantly researching and developing to bring new flavours and products frequently.

So be sure you will find something to love at TeaPresso.

At TeaPresso we are quite selective as to what materials and equipment we use. For instance, we believe that brewing fresh tea is a century old tradition. Therefore when it comes to brewing our fresh tea we have eliminated fancy automatic machines of any kind and brew our tea in a simplistic and traditional way to bring you the best taste possible.

This way we are able to capture the richness, full flavour, tone, delightful bouquet and real character of every particular tea we brew.

The function of tea and natural, bioactive compounds in tea, as elements in a healthy lifestyle is best explained by the first line in Kakuzo Okakura's 1906 philosophical treatise on tea, The Book of Tea. Okakura sums up the historical and ancient belief in tea as more than just a pleasing beverage by writing, "Tea began as a medicine and grew into a beverage…"

Scientific research confirms what Asians believed for centuries – that green and black tea contain powerful natural antioxidants which can protect regular tea drinkers from many degenerative diseases.